Goulburn River National Park

Goulburn River National Park extends along approximately 90 kilometres of the Goulburn River as it winds between sandstone cliffs honeycombed with caves, providing unusually easy access to a variety of recreational opportunities. 

The wide, sandy riverbanks offer easy walking and spectacular camping sites.

Getting There: From Denman, take the Golden Highway towards Sandy Hollow. Turn off to your left 1km Denman side of Sandy Hollow.

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Wollemi National Park

Wollemi National Park covers an amazing 4876 sq km and is NSW's second largest National Park. Because the park is so rugged much of it remains unexplored which means the survival of many rare plant and animal species including the recently discovered Wollemi Pine.

It is a great place for sightseeing, bushwalking, camping and wilderness adventure.

Getting There: Access  from Upper Hunter Country is through Widden Valley, Baerami, Martindale, Doyles Creek and Jerrys Plains.

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