Take a walk through the streets of Denman and relive the history of the town.


  1. DUGGAN'S GARAGE  Cnr Palace & Ogilvie Streets
    City Bank of Sydney accept an offer by Wickham & Co to purchase the Banks Land in Ogilvie & Palace St. at 3 per foot and erect premises to be leased to the Bank for 10 years at $100 per annum The Bank to supply the strong room door and office fittings with right of removal Bank memo 1st November, 1912.

    Also know as the Pub with the Barrel. The bottom storey was built first with the second being added later.

  3. OLD DENMAN POST OFFICE 1  Palace Street
    The Post Office was completed at a contract price of $504. The land was obtained from the Justice Department.

    The windows in the south wall of the sanctuary depict St Mathias flanked on each side by Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. St Matthius served as a missionary in Judea where he was stoned and beheaded. The church is on the Australian National Trust List of Historical Buildings.

    Denman's 1st gaol was built behind the Court House in 1867, it has since been pulled down.

    Denman's 1st Public School The school stood on 2 acres of land. The school was a weatherboard and slab construction measuring 40 ft by 15 ft with a ceiling 8ft high. The residence was of brick.

  7. Dick McDougal, BARBER  13 - 15 Ogilvie Street
    Gordon Bruce, saddler and Denman's 1st Bandmaster. A fine example of the buildings of the time.

  8. Percy Bush BOOTMAKER 17 - 19 Ogilvie Street
    Serviced in two world wars, was a member of the Sub Branch of the RSL. During the depression, he helped 'swaggies' (former veterans) with vouchers to the Butcher, Grocer and Baker.

    Gordon Purvis Sadler/ Billiard Room. Gordon Purvis was involved with the commercial business of Denman.

  10. KRANZE PRODUCE STORE  Cnr Paxton & Ogilvie Streets
    The name Dapkos was derived from the Yore family names, David, Annette, Peter, Keith, Georgina and Susan. Established in 1952. One of the 3 awards won at the 1962 Upper Hunter Field Day, 'New Implement Award'was won by Yore Irrigation with a new irrigation coupling that involved no fastenings, latches, clamps or springs.

  11. BAKER, ALEC FRAZER  49 Ogilvie Street
    In June 1913 a letter was received by the Council requesting permission to erect a verandah at his shop.

  12. SECOND DENMAN HOSPITAL 75 Virginia Street
    The hospital closed in 1930. The opening of a hospital in Ogilvie Street at the site of the present hospital, in what was the residence of Mr John Knight, Storekeeper.

  13. CAMPBELL'S STORE (IGA STORE)  Ogilvie Street
    Campbell & Co had stores at Muswellbrook, Aberdeen , Scone and Merriwa.

    Denman Hall rebuilt after 1928 fire by Frank Treasure of Newcastle . The Returned Soldiers Room was established on the right hand side of the Foyer. On a market day it was common to see horses and buggies blocking the main street curb to curb.

  15. PARKERS NEWSAGENCY Ogilvie Street
    Owned and run as a Newsagent by the Parker Family from 1904-2002 Re built after 1928 fire.Flood level in store February 1955, - 81cm. Flood level in store February 1971, - 42cm

  16. ROYAL HOTEL  Ogilvie Street
    In approximately 1960 leadership of the peoples withdrawal from Merton was given by George Augustus Frederick Kibble who had been both postmaster and poundkeeper at Merton. Mr Kibble built his commodious home in the English style. The house stood on 10 acres on this site. It was called "KelvingrovE".

  17. 1ST DENMAN HOSPITAL 5 Crinoline Street
    Closed in 1925 relocated to Virginia Street .

  18. CATHOLIC HALL Palace Street
    St Bernard is an appropriate Saint for a wine producing area. Bernard was born and spent his life in Burgundy and Champagne, France . He established 68 monasteries in Clairvaux. He was canonized in 1174.

  19. TEACHER'S RESIDENCE Palace Street
    The building was hauled to its present site from Wybong by bullock teams.